Third Grade

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Third Grade

Third grade music class activities include learning to sing various songs and participate in games which provide experiences to practice reading and writing rhythmic and melodic notation.  A new experience in third grade is singing in harmony.  Rounds and partner songs are a fun and challenging way to do this.


Soon after the beginning of the year, we begin to prepare for and perform in a concert on the stage.  The repertoire for this concert includes age and skill appropriate songs. This concert gives the students opportunities to perform songs in unison and harmony.  During the school year, a vocal music concert will be performed by the students.


Once the concert has been performed, the children will have experiences singing, moving, playing and reading rhythmic notation for quarter, eighth, sixteenth, half  and whole notes and quarter, half and whole rests. They will be introduced to reading notation on the treble clef staff, as well.  Third graders also continue to play the Orff instruments introduced in second grade.  They work on playing with proper technique and skill.  These instruments include xylophones and metallophones of varying sizes.  The pentatonic scale is explored through improvisation and used to add instrumental accompaniments to songs and poems learned in music class.

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