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  • New Year's Day

  • Chinese New Year (January 28th)

  • Snow

  • Winter

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Mittens and boots

Special Events

Mid-year meeting to inform parents of events in the second half of the school year (date TBA)

The Road to Literacy

Beginning with the onset of formal education, your child will begin the challenging but rewarding journey toward becoming a fluent reader. Fluent readers can take a written piece and understand both the words and the meaning behind those words.

Most children become fluent readers sometime during the latter part of second grade and the beginning of third grade. The road to fluency will have many peaks and valleys. You will be convinced on one day that your child has mastered letter sounds only to find that he/she has forgotten many the next. You should expect this and not be alarmed when it happens.

Children need time to internalize the foundation skills they are learning. That is why we repeat activities many times and in different ways.

When working with your child at home, revisit foundation skills often: letter and sound recognition, sight word vocabulary, stretching and blending activities, and letter formation tasks. Doing this will alert you to those valleys and give you the opportunity to help your child while on this journey. It is well worth the effort!


We just completed our Unit 1 study of letter sounds and lowercase letter formations in December. We will be conducting a brief, informal assessment of your child's progress through these initial stages of reading development. Look for an overview of the Unit 2 focus as we get closer to beginning that unit of study.

Unit 2 will focus on tapping to read words. We will focus on reading 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words.  There will be a packet with words we are tapping and used for homework.

We will also be learning/writing 2 upper case letters a day Monday through Thursday.  Packets will be sent home on Thursdays showing parents how to form those letters and a packet to have your child practice the upper case letters for that week.


We have set a wonderful and rich foundation for your child to develop as a writer. Our first publishing celebration was a huge success on our Holiday Traditions Day, and the children were delighted in sharing their stories with parents.

Our Writer’s Workshop will now focus on students writing informative pieces.  The writing will be information writing which will include drawings, words, proper punctuation and spacing.  The topics for January will be polar bears, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and penguins.


These are some of the topics we will cover during the month of January:

  • Addition and subtraction symbols and terminology

  • Use of calculators

  • Attribute blocks

  • Patterning activities

  • Shapes and symmetry

  • Counting by 10's

  • Making various combinations of showing 10

  • Number stories and equations

  • Reinforce and extend counting, numeral recognition, and number-writing skills

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