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  • Rabbits
  • Eggs
  • Chicks/Chickens
  • Earth
  • Earth Day
  • Conservation
  • Trees
  • Arbor Day
  • Weather

Special Events

Our kindergarten students will continue our annual chick hatching project.  The eggs were delivered on March 28th and they should start to hatch on April 17th.  They will be picked up on Friday, April 21st. The students have been watching various Eagle Cams and were very excited about caring for our own eggs.

Fundations Update

We are now in Unit 4 of Fundations. We will continue to practice blending and reading three-sound words. We will change the initial, medial, and ending sounds to make new words. In Unit 4, we will also segment and spell words.

Students will continue to work with retelling stories. In this unit, we will introduce narrative story structure and help students rewrite a narrative story.


In the month of April, we will be finishing up our author study and moving into reading and writing informational texts (animal study).  Good writers are always thinking about better and better ways to communicate their thoughts and ideas, so we will work to make our writing as awesome as possible.  Here are some things that we might look at:

  • Adding color and details to pictures

  • Stretching words so that we can write as many sounds as possible in them

  • Adding punctuation that tells our readers "how" our stories sound

  • Using spacing in between words

  • Practicing so that we can read our stories to an audience

Reading and Writing

Our Writer's Workshop continues with the focus on the author Eric Carle and Animal Studies.  Our target reading skills will be:

  • Listen to and look at different types of texts

  • Explain similarities and differences between texts

  • Recognize when a text is a storybook, play, poem, etc.

  • Define roles of author and illustrator

  • Name author and illustrator of a story

Our target writing skills will be:

  • Answer questions about own writing

  • Listen to ideas that others have about their writing

  • Add details to help others understand their writing

  • Answer questions using information recalled or gathered


These are some of the topics we will introduce or review during the month of April:

  • 2 dimensional shapes

  • 3 dimensional shapes
  • Coin exchanges

  • Comparing numbers

  • Symbolic representation of patterns

  • Number stories

  • Introduction to the quarter

  • Counting by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's

  • Adding and Subtracting

  • Number equations

Math Update

Developing one-to-one correspondence is so important for future math skills with numbers. One-to-one correspondence involves a child’s ability to count objects by assigning one sequential number to each object rather than random counts. As children get better at counting, they begin to develop strategies for counting objects by not moving them. They can then count even more objects. As they become more advanced at counting, children may even begin grouping objects in pairs and five’s and count them more easily. You can develop your child’s counting skills by giving him or her lots of opportunities to count things around your home. Your child can count silverware for your dinner table, count coins, or count the apples in your vegetable drawer.  Just count, count, count!

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